Not dead! Yet…

First off: I’d like to welcome the newest infestation to my shithole apartment building. Please give a shout-out to POSSUMS IN THE GARBAGE CANS! Yeah.

Second: I’ve sold three stories so far this year, but sadly cannot relate the details of any of said sales just yet.

Third: Health-wise, I’m doing much better so far this year. Having high blood pressure means I can no longer spend my evenings relaxing on my couch with a bottle of wine in each hand and a bucket of salty foods on my stomach (at least until I’m 85, then I’m going out like a cheese and beer volcano), so I’m actually doing things like eating vegetables and working out and losing weight. Oddly, I feel good. It’s very, very strange.

Four: My short story obligations being finished, I’ll be starting my novel in March. It will be a romantical and wacky tale about the adventures of four three two demon-fucking monster-creating star-crossed college-age frenemies lovers, and if you don’t believe me, please take a look at the photo of my reading list (which you may click to embiggen) below. That is all.

Reading List