Busy as a caffeinated sloth that is not a bee

Lack of posts doesn’t mean lack of work, in my case. I won’t have any original fiction coming out this year, which is the first time since I’ve started writing, back in 2005. But! I have a number of reprints coming out – I’ve updated my short fiction page accordingly. And! I’m working on a very large number of projects, none which I can tell you about at the moment (sorry). However, I’ll have an announcement about one of them on Monday morning, so check back then, assuming anyone is still reading this blog. I can’t blame you if you’re not – I’m a terrible updater. To be fair to myself, I had no freaking clue how much reading I’d be doing for the Shirley Jackson Awards, and how much of my spare time it would eat up. I mean, I was duly warned, and I certainly don’t regret a second of it, but I had nooooooo idea.

Also! I’ve started a Patreon account. I know, I know – everyone’s doing it, no one has money to support all these writers and their stupid projects, get a real fucking job, blah blah. In my defense, I’m doing something a bit different: I’m writing hard-core dark erotica and erotic horror. I do so love writing the ultra-naughty stuff, but it doesn’t really sell well in traditional horror and dark fiction markets, so I thought Patreon would be the best place to display my wares, so to speak. I’m posting a combination of mostly new stories with a few of my older, previously printed “classics”. So, if you want to get your slightly Lovecraftian/Lynchian/Gigerian freak on for a minimum of $1 a month, there you go.