Yes, still alive, still writing

Over on Facebook, Laird Barron linked to my website as an example of a good author website. Whoops! And of course, now I have people very carefully inquiring as to whether or not I’m still alive because I haven’t updated this place since May. The answer is: of course, as always, I’m only dead in my heart. But my writing is still alive! Summers are just very rough for me – I don’t like doing much of anything, except drinking beer and giving the AC the stink eye. I think we’ve all been there.

Anyway, I have a number of things coming out next year, so I’ve been steadily hacking away at the project list. The two biggest things are the new collection; and on September 1, I handed in the manuscript to Ross Lockhart of Word Horde Press. The publication date is still February 2016 – I’ll post cover art as soon as I have it, and I’m hoping for galleys so I can do a give-away on Goodreads. The other big project is a 26,000 word novella titled “The One That Comes Before”, set in the same world as “Her Deepness”, which will be published in the anthology The Daughters of Inanna. That’s coming out sometime later this year or early next year from Brian Keene’s Maelstrom imprint at Thunderstorm Books. More details are right here. I’m very excited to be in this anthology, and can’t thank Brian enough for giving me the opportunity to hopefully gain some new readers – or new enemies! Either way, it’s good.

And now, it’s 12:25am, so I need to do what I always do in my slightly overheated, ant-filled apartment at this ungodly hour: sit on my couch in my underwear watching terrible seventies movies on the local stations while drinking a very wee bit of whiskey on the rocks and working on a new unspeakably filthy short story for my dark erotica project over at Patreon. Anyone who tells you the writing life isn’t full of glamor and beauty and unicorns is completely full of shit.