Furnace Release Day

Today is the official release date for Furnace. You can buy it at the following places below, for wildly varying prices, of course – but if you want the best deal, IMO, get the trade paperback at Word Horde Press, because at the checkout, you’ll also be able to pick up your choice of a PDF, Kindle or ebook version at no extra charge.

I’ve updated my Books page – I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to actually have BOOKS published rather than BOOK, which means my Books pages is no longer a terrible, hideous lie. For those of you who are secretly thinking bitch, you need to write faster (I think the same thing, believe me), it will please you to know that by the end of this year, I’ll have enough short fiction (both published and new) in reserve to come out with two more collections. That’s what happened when you keep writing stories but don’t smash them altogether into a book for at least 5-6 years – Furnace is just a portion of what I’ve done since Engines of Desire published in 2011. At any rate, that’s the longest any of us will have to wait for a book by me again. Winter may still be coming to Westeros, but in Livialand, summer has just begun.