The Final Missive

Just a short post to say that in addition to deleting all of my social media this past week, I’ve decided that I’m no longer going to be going to cons, attending readings (as a reader or as an audience member), or doing any of those social things that one is required to do nowadays to be considered a writer. I’m done with that. I’ve been trying for over two decades to grasp at some level of success, and it just hasn’t worked out. And that’s fine! I’ve been published, I won an award, and I think that’s more than most who attempt a writing career are able to achieve. Going forward, I’m going to continue to write and submit stories, but all of that other stuff – trying to find an agent, trying to get a book deal, networking online and IRL – will end. I don’t need to do it, it makes me miserable, it makes other people miserable to see me fail, and while I’ve appreciated the “you can do it” cheers from all of the writers I’ve met over the years, at some point we’ve all come to realize that, no, I in fact cannot do it. And honestly, it’s become exhausting and cruel to everyone to make everyone keep up the pretense. You’ve all done so well, and it’s been amazing being allowed to hang out with so many writers who’ve achieved so many incredible things. It’s been a privilege and a joy to know all of you – you know who you all are, and I will miss your company. But I’ve been stuck in this fork of the road for two decades, and now it’s time to move on, down a different path from everyone else.

So, in conclusion. No more appearances. No more online stuff. No more interviews (I mean, come on…). But this website will remain. The writing will continue. The publications will continue. Occasionally a story in an anthology will appear. Hopefully an occasional collection or short book might appear. Everyone I used to know will be happy in their various lanes of success, moisturized and unbothered, flourishing. I’ll be off the path, in the dark of the woods, where no one else really wants to follow. And that honestly is okay with me, I’m done fighting for any other outcome. It’s where I was meant to be.