Yes, yes, terrible blogger here

Then again, my sporadic bloggifying is nothing new.

I actually have been very busy Getting Shit Done, and totally not at all lounging in my underwear on my couch in my dimly-lit 90+ degree apartment with a glass of wine in one hand and a block of cheese in the other whilst contemplating the low, dark edge of life… but rather than talk about that in this post, I’ll instead ask you all to go to this website, where Steve Berman is running a fundraiser to get the very talented Alex Jeffers back up and running after some rather unfortunate setbacks. Alex was responsible for the cover and interior design for Engines of Desire, and he did a beautiful job – in addition, he’s an incredibly talented, award-winning author. Everyone runs into shit in life, and some of us hit the wall harder than others. I think it’s only right to help people get back up on their feet, if we’re willing and able; and so if you’re so inclined, here’s your chance.

Later this week, I’ll post about the usual things. Ants, bees, writing, the slow inevitable heat death of the universe–and, of course, the fucking humidity.