Release Day

Two anthologies are out today that I have stories in.

Nightmare CarnivalFirst up is Nightmare Carnival (edited by Ellen Datlow), which has my short story “The Mysteries” in it. I’ve trained myself not to offer up my opinions on other writer’s fiction (mainly for reasons of readers occasionally reacting with the typical internet “I’m going to do X to you because you haz opinion I hate” folderol), but Nathan Ballingrud’s “Skullpocket” is my favorite of the bunch. It’s both horrifying and sorrowful, two emotions that Nathan melds (as usual) to perfection in this story. Nightmare Carnival is available at Amazon and Dark Horse (the publisher); and there’s an excellent interview with Ellen Datlow about her editing process for the anthology over at Adventures in Poor Taste.



Years Best Weird Fiction V1Next up is Years Best Weird Fiction Volume 1 (edited by Laird Barron), which has my story “Furnace” in it. You can buy it at Amazon and Chizine (distributor for the publisher, Undertow Books); and over on the Weird Fiction Review website, you can read an interview with Laird and Michael Kelly, who’s the editor for the Years Best Weird series for Undertow.

And that’s it for Tuesday. Now it’s back to writing fiction for which I have blown yet ANOTHER deadline. At least I’m consistent, right? Yep.