Furnace Hi-Res


Out on Monday, February 15th, from Word Horde Press – you can currently only pre-order the book on their website,  but links on Amazon, B&N, and the other usual sites should be up soon. And, no ebook version yet, but that will follow shortly.

As of right now, I don’t have any reviews – if you’re a reviewer, please contact Ross Lockhart at Word Horde Press directly. He’s handling all reviews through him, and has all the galleys (I’m not in charge of any of that this time around.) Interview requests, however, can go directly to me – I already have a very large number set up, but I might be be able to squeeze a few more in over the next couple of months. You can email me at Livia.Llewellyn@outlook.com.


Here’s the Table of Contents, for those who are curious. FYI, there’s only one new story in here, but [almost] everything else was originally published in print only – none of these are only ONE of these stories is currently online, so you can kind of pretend they’re new! Sort of… Also, no introduction this time around, but honestly, just read Laird Barron’s intro from Engines of Desire again if you really want one, because it was fucking amazing and good for at least two collections.

  1. Pantopticon
  2. Stabilimentum
  3. Wasp & Snake
  4. Cinereous
  5. Yours Is the Right to Begin
  6. Lord of the Hunt
  7. In the Court of King Cupressaceae, 1982 (original to collection)
  8. It Feels Better Biting Down
  9. Allochthon
  10. Furnace
  11. The Mysteries
  12. The Last, Clean, Bright Summer
  13. and Love shall have no Dominion
  14. The Unattainable