Hey, I wrote a novel

It’s been a rough couple of just-under-two-years, and I certainly didn’t mean to be away for so long, but, well, it was a rough couple of just-under-two years. But that’s all water under the bridge: I’m still alive, still hanging in there, and I finished a goddamn novel. Not only that, but since I last checked in here, I snagged an agent as well – Martha Millard of Sterling Lord Literistic, who also represents the phenomenal Elizabeth Hand and the iconic William Gibson. Also, SLL was the literary agency of Jack Kerouac, so I feel my fiction has a good home – at the least, they do appreciate writers who enjoy red wine.

Anyway, I wrote a motherfucking novel, and now it’s making its way into the world, and I’m one part thrilled and three parts nervous, but I have to keep on keeping on, so it’s time for some housekeeping. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be updating each of the pages here, in addition to returning to blogging on a fairly regular basis. I’m sure those of you who still check in here are anxiously awaiting all the amazing stories I have to tell about the bees and the squirrels and the mice; and of course, it wouldn’t be an update without news on the teeming megacolony of ants, who have blossomed and flourished like you wouldn’t believe. Except you would believe, because this is my life, and as we all know, my life is all about the ants.