I am a beautiful beautiful butterfly

Well, blogging as a thing has pretty much been over for a while now, and I hate to cave in, as I’ve been blogging since the heady Livejournal days of 2004, but… I think it’s time to wrap up this iteration of my online self. Not that I’m completely going away – much like a baby Alien, I am merely cocooning for a while until I burst forth as my beautiful and new Xenomorphic self. That’s a poetical way of saying, this website will be undergoing a design update – the information will remain the same, but in place of the blog, there will be a News page, as well as scrolling feeds from my Instagram and Twitter accounts, where I now spend 99% of my online time. I love this website design, and I’ll miss it, but some new writing projects are at the horizon’s edge, and it’s the right time for an update. On to the next chapter.