Although I’m technically without an agent (Martha Millard has retired), my two published collections are still under representation by Sterling Lord Literistic. Please contact SSL regarding all rights and permissions for those books and/or the individual stories.

As of this year, I’m no longer giving out my email address—between my day job (which is a good fifty+ hours a week) and time set aside for writing, I no longer have the time to accept story invites or read fiction for critiques and blurbs; and I also need personal time away from writing altogether. I realize this might be frustrating for some, but it will be necessary for as long as I need to devote the majority of my time to the corporate world. However, you can find me online and contact me through Twitter, Instagram, or Flickr.

“Privacy is not something that people feel,
except in its absence.
Remove it and you destroy something
at the heart of being human.”
~ Phil Booth ~