Two more anthologies

Both were announced a while back, but I’m still playing catch-up here (day job woes). The first is Black Feathers, edited by Ellen Datlow and coming out from Pegasus Books in 2017. No cover art yet – I’ll post that as soon as I get it. Below is the Table of Contents:

The Kick-Ass Table of Contents:
O Terrible Bird by Sandra Kasturi
The Obscure Bird by Nicholas Royle (reprint)
The Mathematical Inevitability of Corvids by Seanan McGuire
Something About Birds by Paul Tremblay
Great Blue Heron by Joyce Carol Oates
The Season of the Raptors by Richard Bowes
The Orphan Bird by Alison Littlewood
The Murmurations of Vienna Von Drome by Jeffrey Ford
Blyth’s Secret by Mike O’Driscoll
The Fortune of Sparrows by Usman T. Malik
Pigeon from Hell by Stephen Graham Jones
The Secret of Flight by A.C. Wise
Isobel Avens Returns to Stepney in the Spring by M. John Harrison (reprint)
A Little Bird Told Me by Pat Cadigan
The Acid Test by Livia Llewellyn
The Crow Palace by Priya Sharma

The second anthology is this:

NightmaresWOW, right? Right. This anthology, the sequel to Ellen’s 2010 anthology Darkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror, is coming out sometime in the fall of this year. The full table of contents is at this link.











Children of Lovecraft

Children of LovecraftEllen Datlow has just handed in the manuscript for her next anthology, Children of Lovecraft, which will publish on September 20 from Dark Horse Books. You can pre-order the trade paperback at Amazon.

The Table of Contents!

Nesters by Siobhan Carroll
Little Ease by Gemma Files
Eternal Troutland by Stephen Graham Jones
The Supplement by John Langan
Mortensen’s Muse by Orrin Grey
Oblivion Mode by Laird Barron
Mr. Doornail by Maria Dahvana Headley
The Secrets of Insects by Richard Kadrey
Excerpts for An Eschatology Quadrille by Caitlín R. Kiernan
Jules and Richard by David Nickle
Glasses by Brian Evenson
When the Stitches Come Undone by A.C. Wise
On These Blackened Shores of Time by Brian Hodge
Bright Crown of Joy by Livia Llewellyn




FURNACE is reviewed at

“Beautiful and hideous in the same breath, its 13 tales of erotic, surreal, existential horror pack a logic-shattering punch.”

To say I’m utterly fucking THRILLED is something of an understatement.




Link round-up

Furnace is now available on Kobo.

Over on The Dreamcatcher of Books, D.F. Lewis is posting a real-time story-by story review of Furnace. His reviews are kind of amazing – very much Kerouac disembodied poetics stream of consciousness, that are both baffling and illuminating. I love them, and I think (I hope) fans of my fiction will love them, too.

Sean M. Thompson interviews me for Word Horde Press. Hilariously, I get the name of my own erotica collection wrong: it’s Tales of the BLACK Century, not Dark Century. Now I know how my mother felt when she called me by the dog’s name – it’s annoying to be wrong, but after a while, everyone in the family really looks the same, and deserves whatever name I want to give them.







Furnace Release Day

Today is the official release date for Furnace. You can buy it at the following places below, for wildly varying prices, of course – but if you want the best deal, IMO, get the trade paperback at Word Horde Press, because at the checkout, you’ll also be able to pick up your choice of a PDF, Kindle or ebook version at no extra charge.

I’ve updated my Books page – I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to actually have BOOKS published rather than BOOK, which means my Books pages is no longer a terrible, hideous lie. For those of you who are secretly thinking bitch, you need to write faster (I think the same thing, believe me), it will please you to know that by the end of this year, I’ll have enough short fiction (both published and new) in reserve to come out with two more collections. That’s what happened when you keep writing stories but don’t smash them altogether into a book for at least 5-6 years – Furnace is just a portion of what I’ve done since Engines of Desire published in 2011. At any rate, that’s the longest any of us will have to wait for a book by me again. Winter may still be coming to Westeros, but in Livialand, summer has just begun.




Some housekeeping

Furnace is now available as a trade paperback on Amazon.

It’s also available as a trade paperback at Barnes & Noble (and for a currently much cheaper price than the above site).

I’ve updated the interview section – apparently I’ve talked more about myself in the last couple of years than I thought. Well, I’m a Leo, so there you go.

And, I’ve updated the short fiction section, as it was woefully out-of-date.

Last, for those of you who are relatively new readers: I have a Patreon account, where I’m posting dark fantastical erotic stories once a month. The current batch of stories is titled Tales of the Black Century – and once I get started up with the novel, I’ll also be posting a few scenes or short chapters there as well. I’ve set it up as a subscription service, so if you’re interested, it only costs as little as a buck a month. For those who are thinking, hey, everyone else who writes erotica gives their stuff away for free!, my response is: I’m not everyone else.



First review of FURNACE

Over at The Conqueror Weird website, Brian O’Connell has posted the first review of Furnace. I’ve been a bit worried that there wouldn’t be much in the way of reviews or commentary – there still may not be, as the combination of horror + sexual issues tends to shut down conversations, not start them – but if this is the most (or all) I get, I’ll be happy with it. I couldn’t ask for a better first review.

Edit to add: I also just found a short blurb for Furnace over at This is Horror.




Pre-ordering FURNACE for Kindle

The Kindle edition of Furnace is currently only $4.99, so I would highly recommend pre-ordering now – I don’t know how long that price will last.

For those of you who are pro-ebook but anti-Kindle and/or anti-Amazon, I’ll let you know as soon as other versions on other sites become available.




Nightmares: A New Decade of Modern Horror

Ellen Datlow announced this yesterday – Nightmares is the follow-up to her anthology Darkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror. I’m really thrilled to be a part of this line-up. The book will be published October 31 (of course) this year.

Table of Contents (in order of year from 2005-2015):
Shallaballah by Mark Samuels
Sob in the Silence by Gene Wolfe
Our Turn Too Will One Day Come by Brian Hodge
Dead Sea Fruit by Kaaron Warren
Closet Dreams by Lisa Tuttle
Spectral Evidence by Gemma Files
Hushabye by Simon Bestwick
Very Low-Flying Aircraft by Nicholas Royle
The Goosle by Margo Lanagan
The Clay Party by Steve Duffy
Strappado by Laird Barron
Lonegan’s Luck by Stephen Graham Jones
Mr Pigsny by Reggie Oliver
At Night, When the Demons Come by Ray Cluley
Was She Wicked? Was She Good? by M. Rickert
The Shallows by John Langan
Little Pig by Anna Taborska
Omphalos by Livia Llewellyn
How We Escaped Our Certain Fate by Dan Chaon
That Tiny Flutter of the Heart I Used to Call Love by Robert Shearman
Interstate Love Song (Murder Ballad No. 8) by Caitlín R. Kiernan
Shay Corsham Worsted by Garth Nix
The Atlas of Hell by Nathan Ballingrud
Ambitious Boys Like You by Richard Kadrey





Furnace Hi-Res


Out on Monday, February 15th, from Word Horde Press – you can currently only pre-order the book on their website,  but links on Amazon, B&N, and the other usual sites should be up soon. And, no ebook version yet, but that will follow shortly.

As of right now, I don’t have any reviews – if you’re a reviewer, please contact Ross Lockhart at Word Horde Press directly. He’s handling all reviews through him, and has all the galleys (I’m not in charge of any of that this time around.) Interview requests, however, can go directly to me – I already have a very large number set up, but I might be be able to squeeze a few more in over the next couple of months. You can email me at


Here’s the Table of Contents, for those who are curious. FYI, there’s only one new story in here, but [almost] everything else was originally published in print only – none of these are only ONE of these stories is currently online, so you can kind of pretend they’re new! Sort of… Also, no introduction this time around, but honestly, just read Laird Barron’s intro from Engines of Desire again if you really want one, because it was fucking amazing and good for at least two collections.

  1. Pantopticon
  2. Stabilimentum
  3. Wasp & Snake
  4. Cinereous
  5. Yours Is the Right to Begin
  6. Lord of the Hunt
  7. In the Court of King Cupressaceae, 1982 (original to collection)
  8. It Feels Better Biting Down
  9. Allochthon
  10. Furnace
  11. The Mysteries
  12. The Last, Clean, Bright Summer
  13. and Love shall have no Dominion
  14. The Unattainable