Women Destroy Horror!

Women Destroy Horror Or in my case, fuck it up enough for people to go “eeeewe, that’s just wrong…” Nightmare Magazine’s Women Destroy Horror! issue is now live – you can read the stories as they come out over the next four weeks (my short story “It Feels Better Biting Down” will be live, along with an interview, on October 15th), or you can buy the issue (ebook or trade paperback, either on the website or at Amazon).

And, a review of the issue is already online at Tangent Online. Apparently my story was well-received. Huh. That is absolutely the last reaction I expected…











A proper update soon, I promise!

I’ve been horribly lax in blogging, but I’ve been horrifically busy. It’s all good, though. It’s all good.







Off to Readercon

In a couple of hours, Robert Levy and I will be taking the train up to the glamorous Burlington Marriott, where we’ll spend the next two days hiding in corners, drinking unhealthy amounts of alcohol, and floating through the walls in the dead of night, draining the sweet sweet energy of other authors as we pass over them like the hideous and lonely ghouls we are.

It’s gonna be a blast!






Yes, yes, terrible blogger here

Then again, my sporadic bloggifying is nothing new.

I actually have been very busy Getting Shit Done, and totally not at all lounging in my underwear on my couch in my dimly-lit 90+ degree apartment with a glass of wine in one hand and a block of cheese in the other whilst contemplating the low, dark edge of life… but rather than talk about that in this post, I’ll instead ask you all to go to this website, where Steve Berman is running a fundraiser to get the very talented Alex Jeffers back up and running after some rather unfortunate setbacks. Alex was responsible for the cover and interior design for Engines of Desire, and he did a beautiful job – in addition, he’s an incredibly talented, award-winning author. Everyone runs into shit in life, and some of us hit the wall harder than others. I think it’s only right to help people get back up on their feet, if we’re willing and able; and so if you’re so inclined, here’s your chance.

Later this week, I’ll post about the usual things. Ants, bees, writing, the slow inevitable heat death of the universe–and, of course, the fucking humidity.





Lovecraft chat online

For those of you who missed my Lovecraft eZine web chat last night but would still like to see it (so, that’s maybe two humans, five nests of bees, and 52 billion ants, right? right), it’s now posted on YouTube. And if you don’t like Lovecraftian-themed chit-chat or even my writing, just watch it for the mini-epic rant that Joseph S. Pulver goes on about The Love Boat. It’s sort of near the end of the clip – I don’t remember, I think at that point I was starting to black out in horror. So, anyway, enjoy!






I’ll be doing a web chat tonight at Lovecraft eZine

This evening, at 6pm – I know, I know, nothing like finding out at the last minute, right? Well, anyway, go right here to watch me stutter and stammer out various terrible anecdotes and shitty writing advice whilst flicking ants off my computer screen. Fun!





Sisters of the Darksome Night

My contribution to the Yog-Blogsoth Nyarlathotep collaborations, Sisters of the Darksome Night, has gone up – you can see it right here. Michael Bukowski has done a fantastic job of drawing the sisters, and I have to thank him again for inviting me contribute to such a great series. FYI, the excerpt I sent him is from a novella-in-progress, “Morgenstern der finstern Nacht”, that I hope to get back to working on after I’m finished with the novel. Or, I should say, after the novel is finished with me…




“Furnace” has been nominated for a Shirley Jackson Award

The full list is here. There’s no way in hell that I’ll win, but I am really, really pleased just to be nominated. And, much thanks to Joseph S. Pulver for accepting the story for Grimscribe’s Puppets – he’s a great editor and I’m thrilled that it also picked up a nomination for Best Anthology.

I’m also thrilled to see a number of good friends on the list: Will Ludwigsen for Best Collection for In Search Of and Others, Nathan Ballingrud for Best Collection for North American Lake Monsters, Ellen Datlow for Best Anthology for editing Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells, and Steve Berman, for Best Anthology for editing Where Thy Dark Eye Glances: Queering Edgar Allan Poe (as well as being the publisher of Lethe Press titles In Search Of and Others and Christopher Barzak’s Best Collection nominated Before and Afterlives).

Well, it’s a bit late in the evening to get drunk, but first thing after work tomorrow, I’m getting wasted. Rum for me, honey for the bees, and sugar for the ants – fuck yeah!




Meanwhile, over at The Lovecraft eZine…

Mike Davis posts five of my favorite Lovecraftian stories. This is one of a series of posts by writers expounding on their favorite HPL-inspired fiction – a link at the bottom of that page will take you to the rest of the series.

I really have nothing else interesting going on in my life at this moment, so have some skellingtons. Handy tip: watch this while listening to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”. You’re welcome.


New Project

Not much has been happening to blog about. I write, I read, I kill ants. Typical spring.

However! The artist Mikael Bukowski over at Yog-Blogsoth has started up a Nyarlathotep Collaboration project with a number of writers, including me – the full story behind the project is right here. The first of the collaborations will be up next week, and my contribution will be up the following week. I’ll post links when that happens.

And now, back to the ants.